Weekend in Andalusia – Day #4: El Real Alcazar in Seville (Spain)

After a lovely day spent in Granada to explore the majestic Alhambra citadel, we were back in Seville to spend one last day in Andalusia. We were about to discover the beautiful Alcazar Palace…


There were two places that we absolutely wanted to visit during our getaway weekend in Andalusia: the Alhambra in Granada and the Alcazar in Seville. These were the only tickets that we bought in advance by Internet. The two sites are quite popular among tourists and the number of available tickets per ticket is limited so we wanted to make sure we would get in!

We woke upearly on our last day in Seville to arrive at the Alcazar at the time indicated on our ticket: 8:00 am. And at that time, the line to get in was already quite long. We waited patiently and some 20 minutes later, we were in the Lion court, facing this incredible palace!

The construction of the palace started in the 10th century and it was renovated and extended many times throughout history. Many generations of kings lived at the Royal Alcazar and today the current King of Spain still stays at the palace when he comes to Seville.

We started visting the interior of the palace before strolling for a long time in the lovely gardens. In total, we stayed three hours at the Real Alcazar to explore each and every corner.

Just like during our visit of the casa Pilatos, what most stroke us was the different architectural styles that have influenced the palace. We were not sure if we were visting a palace from the one Arabian Nights tales or a rich house from the Italian Renaissance. But this isn’t surprizing as the palace travelled through the ages. Each era influenced the place.

We were also stricken by the beauty of the perfectly well preserved palace. Golden domes, walls covered with azulejos, patios, galleries with chiselled archs… We could not get enough of this place.

The beautiful flowered gardens definitely were the highlight of our visit and we walked around the alleys for quite some time. Orange trees, palm trees, rose bushes, colorful flower beds, lovely fountains… We were in an oasis of calm.

We saw many artists who had come to immortalize the beauty of the place.

The fans of the series Game of Thrones will probably recognize this place as it was the setting for some scenes of the series… The capital of the kingdom of Dorne is no more nor less than the Real Alcazar in Seville!

And this is how our lovely getaway weekend in Andalusia ended… See you soon for more adventures…


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Jour 4 : The Alcazar palace in Seville


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    […] Jour 4 : The Alcazar palace in Seville […]

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