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Weekend Getaway in Tepoztlan (Mexico)

Tepoztlan is a great place for a get-away weekend from Mexico City. Located only 80 kilometers south of the Mexican capital, this “pueblo magico” is a lovely little town set in the middle of a gorgeous scenery: an impressive pyramid perched on top of a very steep cliff is overlooking the little hippie town wrapped in jungle-like vegetation.


– Tepoztlan –

As we arrived, we started walking around the little paved streets flanked by colorful buildings and craft stores. The little town is famous for its craft market and it is said that there is a very creative energy floating in the air. The climate is very different from Mexico City. As it is lower in altitude, it is much warmer. The sun was strong when we arrived at noon.

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The main attraction in Tepoztlan is to climb the very steep hill leading to the pyramid. Before starting this difficult hike, we had a little taco to have the necessary energy…

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And then we were ready to start the 2.5 kilometer steep hike, leading us to the pyramid, some 400 meters high! The hike was steep right from the beginning but it was beautiful! The little path was going up and up in the middle of a luxuriant vegetation. The centuries-old trees had impressive roots running on the ground. At times there were stairs, at times we were walking over rocks. As we were progressing in the shade of the giant trees, the temperature was perfect. We made several breaks to catch our breath to reach the pyramid.

As we were getting closer to the top, we started to realize how high we were and how beautiful the view over the cliffs was.

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And then after a very hard one hour hike, we finally reached the Tepozteco. How they managed to build a pyramid in such difficult conditions, I have no idea! We were exhausted but captivated by the beautiful view on the valley and the surrounding luxuriant cliffs.

The 10 meter high pyramid was right there in front of us. In a last effort, we climbed the pyramid to enjoy the view and stayed there a little while to contemplate the gorgeous scenery in front of us. The effort was definitely worthwhile!

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After spending about an hour on top of the cliff, we headed back down. Going down was much easier of course and we quickly reached the little town. After a well-deserved cerveza, we headed to Cuernavaca where we had rented an Airbnb house.

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Cuernavaca, the city called “Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera” (“the city of the eternal spring”) because of its very pleasant climate all year long, is about half an hour away from Tepoztlan. As we were looking for houses, we found out that it was much cheaper to leave the touristy town of Tepoztlan and head to the near-by city of Cuernavaca. For the equivalent of 12 euros each, we got to spend the night in this gorgeous house!

As soon as we arrived, we jumped into the pool and enjoyed the last rays of sun of the day. Felipe, who is in charge of the house while the owners are not there, helped us prepare the barbecue.

The next day was a lazy one that we spent by the pool before heading back to our beloved Mexico City.

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A few tips if you are going to Tepoztlan

If you plan on climbing the Tepozteco, make sure to wear good shoes – preferably mountain shoes – and to bring water for the way up. On top of the pyramid, a little stand sells refreshments and bottled water.

The hike is free but you will have to pay 42 pesos to climb the pyramid.

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