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Walking around Paris: the “Cité Florale” (France)

The sun usually plays hide and seek with the clouds in Paris in March. Sunny days are rare enough not to be missed! When the sun finally comes out, all you want to do is make the most of the day and go for a stroll or a picnic in a park. Last Saturday was one of these lovely days that can’t be missed. I decided to go and explore a tiny neighborhood I had never been to: the gorgeous Cité Florale, located a few minutes away from the Montsouris park. The cherry trees were in bloom: spring was in the air. I’m taking you with me on this stroll. Here we go!



Cute little houses with flowered gardens, paved streets, ivy-covered walls, trees in bloom, bikes patiently waiting for their owners, cats basking in the sun: this charming neighborhood takes us far away from the French capital.

The “Cité Florale” is a little “village” nested in the heart of the 13th arrondissement of Paris. It is made up of six little lanes named after flowers: wisteria, iris, orchids, mimosas…

This neighborhood was built on a former meadow that was regularly flooded by the nearby Bièvre river. As the spongious soil made it impossible to build heavy constructions, it was decided to build these cute little houses instead in 1928.


I walked around this lovely neighborhood several times to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that was floating in the air. Then I continued my stroll towards the very close Montsouris park.

Access: you will reach the Cité Florale via rue Brillat Savarin street, in the 13th arrondissement. The nearest metro station is Maison Blanche on line 7.


Like many Parisian parks, Montsouris is a great spot to have a picnic. I had brought my lunch that day and had it sitting in the sun in this lovely park in the south of Paris. Many visitors had come to make the most of this sunny day. The couple of lovers who brought their hammock had the best idea!

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If you happen to walk by the park, do not miss Montsouris Square. This lovely pedestrian street is flanked with beautiful houses. There is also a “village” atmosphere in the air, just like in the “Cité Florale”. And that’s how this lovely stroll ended. I hope you enjoyed it.


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