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Walking around Paris: Spring in the Garden of Plants (France)

After some harsh winter months, Spring has finally arrived in the French capital! And what better way to enjoy this lovely and long-awaited season than by strolling around the Garden of Plants in Paris?


Parks, botanical gardens, large greenhouses from the 17th century, museums of Natural History, Geology, Paleontology, zoo… There is so much to do in the Garden of Plants! But that day, we were particularly interested in the flowerbeds of the central alley. Twice a year, more than 600 species of seasonal flowers are planted there, creating a real explosion of colors in the heart of Paris!

On this fine Saturday afternoon of April, the lovely seasonal flowers had just been planted and the gorgeous japanese cherry trees were in bloom! And as they only stay one week in bloom, there was no time to lose! They definitely were the stars of the park that day. Many had come to immortalize their ephemeral beauty.

We arrive early in the afternoon and walked around the little alleys leading to the lovely Evolution Gallery and flanked with flowers. We loved the diversity of flowers and the harmony in colors. Nous avons été frappés par la diversité des fleurs et par l’harmonie des couleurs. I’ll let you find out by yourself….







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That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this springtime stroll…


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