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Walking around Mexico City – #4: Tlalpan (Mexico)

The historic center of Tlalpan, Mexico City’s largest borough, looks like a hidden little village lost within a giant megalopolis.


Tlalpan managed to preserve a quiet atmosphere around its main plaza, with its beautiful houses from the 18th century, its haciendas and its beautiful gardens. It is a lovely area to walk around and escape the agitation of the city.

Do not miss the beautiful hacienda from the 18th century which was turned into an esquisite restaurant. The clock seems to have stopped ticking there a long time ago. The dishes are delicious. We had chiles rellenos and duck confit. The little Frenchie that I am couldn’t resist the temptation when I saw that the duck confit was on the menue!

You will be enchanted by the beautiful garden where peacocks and swans walk around freely. But be careful with them… As I was very concentrated taking a picture in the middle of the garden, a peacock came silently towards me from behind my back and bit my butt! I must have looked pretty ridiculous when I ran back to my table but I quickly forgot about this when I started tasting the amazing duck confit that I had ordered.

La antigua hacienda

  • Calz. de Tlalpan 4619, Tlalpan, Tlalpan Centro I, 14000 Ciudad de México, D.F.
  • More info about the Antigua Hacienda here


El Centro historico

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