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On the Hokkaido flower route (Japan)

Follow the Hokkaido flower route and take a stop at Furano. You will love this little town located in the center of Hokkaido for its lovely and picturesque rural landscape. Furano is particularly lovely in July when the lavender fields, as well as many other flower fields, are in bloom. It is easily reached by bus from the Sapporo train station. I took a tour and had the chance to visit three beautiful gardens: Kipir Nupuri, Farm Tomita and Kaze no Garden.


Kipir Nupuri

Let’s start exploring this beautiful garden. You will love walking around the tiny little paths of this garden and from the top of the hill, you will have an amazing view on the valley.

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Farm Tomita

The best spot to view the lavender is Farm Tomita. This garden will offer you a beautiful view on its flower fields and on the Tokachi mountains.

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Kaze no Garden

Kaze no Garden is a very popular place for Japanese people as it was the set of a famous TV show. There you will enjoy the beautiful and calming sight of 365 kinds of flowers blooming all year round.

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