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Amazing sunset at Punta Cometa, Mazunte (Mexico)

If you are a beach fan, you will love the Mexican Pacific Coast. Long beaches of white sand, blue sky and lovely sun, amazing sunsets, a laid-back atmosphere: everything is there to make you relax and disconnect from your everyday life.


Take a swim in the warm and transparent waters and then sip a cocktail in a hamac on the beach. All you have to do is relax. Sounds good, right?

Welcome to Mazunte!

Mazunte is every backpacker’s paradise. This little “hippie” town located on the Mexican Pacific coast, close to Puerto Escondido in the state of Oaxaca, offers many cheap accommodation facilities, many restaurants, a particularly laid-back atmosphere and a gorgeous beach!

If you are looking for more a more comfortable (and also more quiet) place to stay, you should try the nearby town of San Agustinillo. Located at a 10-minute walking distance from Mazunte, it also offers a beautiful beach.

Our itinerary for this trip

  • Mazunte
  • San Agustinillo
  • Punta Cometa
  • San Agustin

We arrived the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, after one week in Chiapas, exploring Mayan pyramids in the jungle. Needless to say that finding a room was hard! After spending a whole afternoon going from one hostel to the other to find, we finally found something atLa Luciernaga!

Usually, you will easily find cheap rooms in Mazunte but we arrived at the worst time of the year! During the Christmas break, Mazunte is a very popular beach destination for the “Chilangos”, people living in Mexico City.

The places we visited

1. Mazunte

Start your day with a delicious Mexican breakfast at the Posada Ziga. From the terrace of this little hostal, you will enjoy this beautiful view on the bay. You must try the “chilaquiles”, a very popular Mexican breakfast. It sounds funny (fried tortillas, beans, chicken and green sauce) but it is delicious!


After a good Mexican breakfast, you are ready to start your day at the beach!

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2. San Agustinillo

San Agustinillo is another option to go to the beach. It is a 15-minute walk from Mazunte. You can also take a taxi. This beach is quieter and the waves are not as strong as in Mazunte.

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3. San Agustin

If you spend a few days in Mazunte and feel like discovering another beach, go to San Agustin. It is one-and-a-half hours away from Mazunte but it is worth discovering! This paradise beach looks more like a Caribbean beach: no waves, crystal clear water, white sand. If you don’t have a car, you can go by taxi.

When we arrived that day, there was no one on the beach. We settled for the day in the shadow, ready to spend a peaceful day in this paradise. The view was breathtaking. But about an hour later, a very large Mexican family arrived and settled right next to us. They came with everything: two pick up trucks, stereo, food, many children running around… We were getting frustrated when they invited us to share their lunch with their warmest smile! It is impossible not to love Mexican people.

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4. Sunset watching at Punta Cometa

Go back to Mazunte in time to watch the sun set from Punta Cometa. This little hill is famous for the breathtaking view it offers to watch the sunset.

About an hour before sunset, start hiking from Mazunte up to Punta Cometa. It will take you about half an hour. You will follow a little path that will take you up and up. This little hike is very pleasant and and you will enjoy a gorgeous view on the bay.

Don’t forget to bring a flash light for the way back. Once the sun is down, you will not see anything.

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A few tips if you are going to Mazunte

  • How to get there from Mexico City?

First option: the bus. Just be aware that the ride from Mexico City to Mazunte is rather long (about 7 to 8 hours), and you will cross the “sierra” – which means that you will have to handle the many mountain curves. But what’s best than taking a night bus and waking up at the beach?

The other solution, more convenient but more expensive, is to fly. It only takes one hour to fly from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido. If you are lucky you can find cheap tickets with a low cost company. Once in Puerto Escondido, walk out of the airport, and you will find taxis that will drive you to Mazunte within about 45 minutes.

If you arrive by plane, do not take the taxis inside the airport as they are more expensive. Walk outside the airport and if you are lucky you will even be able to share a taxi with other travellers.

  • When is the best time to go?

Try to avoid peak seasons (semana santa in April and Christmas time) because the little hippie village becomes very crowded during these two weeks and prices rise! If you still travel during these weeks, making a reservation for a room would be a great idea.

  • Where to stay?

There are many hostals and hotels in Mazunte and San Agustinillo and you will easily find an option corresponding to your budget if you avoid high season.

In Mazunte, we stayed at la Luciernaga. This hostal offers several little cabins located about 100 meters away from the beach. The rooms are modest but comfortable. You will have access to the shared kitchen. Prices are reasonable.

In San Agustinillo, we stayed at Un sueno, cabanas del Pacifico. This place offers beautiful cabins directly on the beach. You will have access to the hammocks located in the shadow of a terrace on the beach. There is nothing better to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the Pacific coast. The cabins are more comfortable but also more expensive.

A good address not far from Mazunte: La Providencia à Zipolite

We were recommended to have diner at a restaurant called La Providencia and we were not disappointed at all!

This restaurant is located in a little town called Zipolite, not far from Mazunte and easily accessible in taxi in about half an hour.

The setting is beautiful. There are palm trees everywhere. During high season, you will be invited to sip a cocktail in the open air lounge while your table is being prepared. You will be listenning to live music. Needless to say that the food is delicious. I had the beef medalion and I loved it!Make sure you make a reservation before because the place is very popular. You can access the restaurant’s website here.

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