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Weekend in Andalusia – Days #4: El Real Alcazar in Seville (Spain)

June, 16th 2017

We were back in Seville to spend one last day in Andalusia. We were about to discover the beautiful Alcazar Palace……

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Weekend in Andalusia – Days #2 & 3: Granada and the Alhambra (Spain)

June, 7th 2017

After a first day rich in beautiful discoveries, we continued exploring Seville before going to the majestic city of the Alhambra in Granada…

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Weekend in Andalusia – Day #1: First glance at Seville (Spain)

May, 25th 2017

Palaces that could be the setting for the Arabian Nights tales, orange trees, palm trees, rose bushes, fields of olive trees, sun and blue sky...

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Recent trips


Roadtrip in Iceland

July, 2nd 2016

A 2000-km-long roadtrip on the legendary “Route #1” or “Ring Road” all around the island! A trip full of beautiful surprises with breathtaking landscapes: hundreds of waterfalls, geysers, fjords, lakes, lava fields, volcanos, glaciers, icebergs…

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Adventure onboard the Chepe (Mexico)

May, 14th 2016

A legendary train that crosses breathtaking landscapes, a vertiginous canyon, waterfalls, lakes, strange rocky formations: today we are getting on board the “Chepe” train, for a 650-km-long ride through North Mexico’s natural wonders.

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Getaway by the Bacalar Laguna (Mexico)

March, 17th 2016

An amazing lagoon colored in seven shades of blue, palm trees, sun, tropical birds and flowers: today I’m taking you to Bacalar in Mexico for a weekend getaway in  a magical setting in the footsteps of the pirats of the Caribbean! Let’s go!

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Roadtrip in the South-West of France

February, 18th 2016

After several months far away from France, I was longing for old stones, picturesque little villages, tasty French food. This 4-day roadtrip in the South-West of France was a delightful homecoming trip! France is such a beautiful country!

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A hike in the clouds (Mexico)

January, 5th 2016

A volcano that has been extinct for thousands of years, a crater of over 1km of diameter, beautiful mountain lakes, a tundra landscape right in the heart of Mexico: I am taking you to El Nevado de Toluca for a hike in the clouds, at over 4000m above sea level!

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Discovering Mexico's colonial heart

December, 2nd 2016

A maze of little lanes, colorful houses, flowers decorating each and every balcony, little squares with a Provence touch, sun and blue sky: today I am taking you to Guanajuato, one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities!

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Our adventure across the Andes


13This fantastic adventure took us from Santiago de Chile to Lima in Peru, via Bolivia, in 30 days and about 3 500 kilometers!

We discovered amazing and unexpected landscapes more beautiful the ones than the others (lagoons, geysers, volcanoes, salt desert, Inca ruins…).

A trip of extreme temperature changes between day and night and of constant amazement. A trip that would also be hard sometimes. We would be cold – very cold, suffer from the high altitudes (about 4 900 meters at the highest!), experience “basic” accomodations, sleep on buses or trains, …

We learnt that exploring these out-of-the-extraordinary places did not come easy. But it was worth it and I would do it all over again! The Andes truly offer magical landscapes to discover!

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Walking around Paris

Walking around Paris: Spring in the Garden of Plants (France)

April, 20th 2017

An explosion of colors in the 5th arrondissement of Paris during a springtime stroll around the Garden of Plants when the lovely cherry trees were in bloom...

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Walking around Paris: "the Cité Florale" (France)

March, 19th 2017

Cute little houses with flowered gardens, paved streets, ivy-covered walls, trees in bloom, bikes patiently waiting for their owners...

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Walking around Paris: Around the Royal Palace (France)

February, 19th 2017

Let's go for a stroll around the Royal Palace and the gorgeous nearby covered passageways. Here we go...

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